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Andrea Wilson

Senior Interior Designer, ASID Allied

Andrea Wilson is a Senior Interior Designer at Accents of the South and is also ASID Allied. She’s worked with Accents of the South and their wonderful clients for over ten years since she received a degree in Interior Design from The University of North Alabama. She has occupied many roles from intern to senior designer while at Accents of the South and we feel that this helped her become the well-rounded designer with uncompromising standards that she is today. Andrea’s specialty is drafting architectural details and creating thoughtful spaces. Andrea understands the importance of functional yet meaningful design. And she says,

A well-designed home makes life more enjoyable, more satisfying.

Get to know a little more about Andrea Wilson, a Senior Interior Designer at Accents of the South, with this interview.

Andrea, what is your approach to color?

I love how color can provoke certain emotions and I see color in most everything. Even white can’t just be, white. It usually has an undertone of grey, yellow, green or even pink. When meeting clients for the first time I take note of what they are wearing. You will rarely wear a color you don’t love! It helps me tap into what their favorite color is and I translate that into their home.

What would be your dream interior to design?

Since starting at Accents of the South over 10 years ago, I have always dreamt of designing and building my own home. Just this past year I have been given that opportunity to make that dream happen. Getting to create something from the ground up has been such a rewarding experience. It’s been a true labor of love. Construction will start early 2018!

How do you source products for homes and get inspired for your designs?

I love going to Market! Whether we are on the hunt for something specific or browsing the showrooms for new inspiration, I always leave feeling so inspired!

Finally, tell us what you can’t live without as you go about your busy life!

I can’t live without coffee and my gallon water jug!

Andrea loves working with the clients of Accents of the South and looks forward to working with you in the future. She is available for contact by emailing Andrea Wilson.