Why you need an Interior Designer

Why you need an Interior Designer

When you think about hiring an interior designer you might zero in on aesthetics: wall colors, window treatments, pillow patterns. But that’s just scratching the surface of what we do at Accents of the South. This post is to describe the process of how we work and why you might need to hire us!

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You may have a vision for your home, but we can help you clarify it and bring it to life. Our training and creative mind-set allow for devising solutions that you might never have imagined. With attention to the tiniest details we can transform your space into a haven that looks polished and pulled together. From floor plans and architectural details to the last nail-head, tassel and tuft, we go beyond cosmetic concerns to ensure that your space feels harmonious through and through.
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Our Process

We believe the development of each home is an evolutionary process honed by careful, analytical planning to the realization of a cohesive whole. No matter your project type we start the design process the same. In the initial design meeting we listen to your ideas and thoughts and take notes and gather information. From here we develop a design through research and planning. These preliminary designs are presented and reviewed with you then we discuss the next step and the process continues.

Furniture and a Refresh

If your project is furnishings and a refresh, we at Accents of the South understand how the subtle interaction between space, light and material tie together for a complete effect, curating a custom design as unique as you. We understand the importance of comfortable, well-made furniture and offer hundreds of brands to suite any budget and needs. After the initial design phase, we take our designs from budgeting and ordering to receiving and installation. You can read more about what to expect when you buy furniture from us here.

New Construction or Renovation

If your project is a renovation or new construction, our involvement in this process can begin as early as you start dreaming! Floor plans, elevations, moldings and trim details, cabinet drawings, tile layouts, plumbing, lighting design and selections. We take care of it all!


On larger scale projects, Accents of the South, works in collaboration with you, the architect, and artisans. Involving us in the initial design phase will insure everyone will be on the same page. We can iron out any potential discrepancies that would be the “bones” of the home – such as doorways, ceiling beams or interior columns. It’s one thing to move a wall on paper; it’s another thing entirely to move it after installation.


From Idea to Fruition

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We love getting pins sent to us from clients and invitations to idea-boards on Houzz. It helps us dive deeper into what you want and gives us the direction the project needs to take. It is our job to take your visions, ideas, Pinterest boards and Houzz accounts and make them all come together in a cohesive, beautiful way.

Taking those ideas to the next level is where we fly! Our architectural drawings are the key to a successful build-out. Stay tuned for more on architectural drawing services!

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So if you have thought about hiring an interior designer, now is the time to give us a call.

We take on projects big and small. So no matter your needs, we are here for every aspect!

We would love to hear about your project today!

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Custom Interior Design

What to expect with custom interior design!

Accents of the South envisions, plans and outfits spaces in a way that make your home both beautiful and functional with custom interior design.

From custom drapes and furniture to rugs and lighting, we have hundreds of vendors and manufacturers that offer great quality and style.

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With each order from us you will receive:


Thoughtful and Tailored Design

From our initial meeting we listen and understand your wants and needs for your home. We then create a custom design to fit your lifestyle and budget. We imagine every detail down to trims and nail heads!

Quality Furniture 

Our furniture brands are the highest standard of quality. Fine upholstery with 8-way hand tied seats, real hardwood frames, and most made right here in U.S.A. We stand behind our brands and products and only offer the best to you.

Complimentary Room Design

Our team of fabulous designers are here to make the process easy and fun. Whether you need a sofa or a whole room of furniture, we are here every step of the way making sure the space works cohesively and functions just how you envisioned it. All the while, keeping the general style of your home in mind.

Impeccable Style

Un-boxed style you can’t find anywhere else. With an eye on current trends and our sense of style and knowledge we create a timeless, customized look you’ll enjoy for years to come.

Endless Customization

Our 2000 sq ft design studio offers thousands of options. From fabrics and trimmings to bedding and drapes. We are ready to create your space as custom as you are!

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Accents of the South is your retail destination for the well-appointed home.


Are you ready to get a fully customized interior design plan started?

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