blending of traditional Southern style with details that are thoughtfully designed and cleanly executed


Our Mission

celebrating southern style
celebrating life with family and friends

Accents of the South celebrates southern style and for us that’s about celebrating life with family and friends. Our interiors embrace this belief as we work to showcase it in each home we design. Through the process of research and reflection, the inspiration for each project is found. What authenticates our designs is the blending of traditional Southern style with details that are thoughtfully designed and cleanly executed.

Accents of the South has been helping clients create their "sense of place" through distinguished, functional design, and innovation for 40 years. Maintaining a high level of client satisfaction is a result of our devoted attention to each project. What sets us apart is our commitment to understanding our client's INDIVIDUAL needs and requests, so in turn we create highly personalized living environments.

Whether it’s a new home or a renovation, our goal is to create timeless and emotionally stimulating spaces for our clients. We start by understanding our clients' vision and needs and then through the process of research and reflection we find inspiration. Our design style is the blending of traditional Southern style with modern sensibilities. So we can create a relaxed and comfortable elegance for our clients.

Today, we are designing homes smaller and more intimate in scale. With this in mind, we choose to focus on the interior architecture of the space, by sustaining the same respect for interior architecture that is bestowed upon exterior design, such as moldings, ceiling details and custom cabinetry. With these elements as our foundation we are able to create a beautiful, authentic and purposeful space as we build upon a solid structure. Where great design, meaningful furnishings, color and texture coax emotion as you walk through the door.

Accents of the South’s foundation for interior design has always been rooted in architecture. We first look at how the details of the room come into play in areas, such as: the style and size of windows and their orientation to the sun, the line and shadow weight of the moldings we design, the cabinet design and the materials we select ,and the play of light and shadow in the room. Each element is essential, and the same process is utilized in selecting the perfect piece of furniture or the perfect piece of fabric. Every detail is handcrafted and deliberate to achieve our clients' goals and dreams.

An important part of the design process is collaboration with other professionals. It is Accents of the South’s philosophy that building great relationships with architects, contractors, artisans, craftsmen and landscape architects is necessary to creating good design. Our clients appreciate the relationships that we have forged throughout the years and recognize the fundamental need for collaboration. Working together results in the successful and cohesive execution of the final design. It is our goal to exceed our clients' expectations in all that we do from design through implementation.

rooted in architecture

Our approach

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