Accents of the South creates beautiful, authentic, and purposeful spaces by building on the solid framework of architectural integrity. We attend to every detail such as the style and size of windows and their orientation to the sun, the line and weight of our moldings, the materials and detailing of custom cabinetry, and the play of light and shadow in a room. Our commitment to architectural excellence produces rooms that flow and function seamlessly while evoking warm experiential responses from those who enjoy them. 

architectural projects

Custom cabinetry, windows, moldings, fireplaces, ceiling details, and tile patterns are designed to seamlessly integrate with our overall vision of the home. Working with our craftsmen and contractors, we see our plans and drawings come to fruition. These well designed and executed details create the perfect backdrop to incorporate the final details; our selections of color, pattern, furniture and accessories.

With each of these layers, there is also something intangible that forms. Something that first comes as our clients walk across the threshold of their new home for the first time. A feeling of security, permanence, peacefulness, and sense of place.

Each home is a reflection of our client’s personality and feelings. During our initial meeting we discuss our client’s vision, needs and personal desires for their home. We then use our knowledge and past experiences along with inspiration we find from other architects and designers we respect, and also books and trade periodicals to begin forming our design approach for each project.

Taking those reflections to paper, we carefully design each home’s architectural plan first through loose sketches, and then we live with them to find the soul of each of our projects. These plans and details provide the essential basis for the rest of the design.


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