A Study of the Home

A Study of the Home

by Beverly Farrington Alm

The days are getting longer and the sun seems to be popping its head from the clouds more often making us hopeful that spring will soon be here. So, while we wait, it’s a perfect time to sit by the fire and become introspective ‐ to think about, observe and cherish what is abundant and attend to what is lacking.

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In this same way, we think about our homes. We can start by filling our homes with what is authentic and delete what is superfluous. As a designer I know with certainty that a well designed home, one that is suited for the individuals that dwell within, will nurture, stimulate and comfort its inhabitants.

“Our homes should also capture our cherished life’s experiences.  It is finding the soul within”

Whether you simply desire to de-clutter or embark on something larger like refurbishing or remodeling an existing home or designing a new home it all should be done with discernment and thought. In today’s world of Pinterest and Google, home design can be overwhelming, confusing and exasperating. It can lead to design chaos. So first start by taking a moment and think about yourself ‐ your life‐style and how you live.

Accents of the South by Beverly Farrington - Huntsville Interior Design - Accents-of-the-South-Huntsville-AL-Interior-Designer A Study of the Home %

Turning a house into a home requires reflection of ourselves, what brings us joy, what calms us and what stimulates us. Our homes should also capture our cherished life’s experiences. It is finding the soul within.

Who are you ‐ are you causal or refined, colorful or quiet, elegant, charming, warm, restrained? Then that’s what your home should be. This kind of intentional thought translated appropriately through design and through meaningful objects gives a feeling of comfort. For me personally, I’ve always liked the strength and stability that great interior architecture brings. And how when those strong elements are played against more light modern appointments and furnishings, tension is brought to the space and therefore excitement.

This same feeling of excitement can be achieved with the juxtaposition of antiques paired against more
contemporary pieces of furniture. Or by placing a room saturated in color with in a neutral home.

Accents of the South by Beverly Farrington - Huntsville Interior Design - Accents-of-the-South-Huntsville-Al-Interior-Desinger-1024x683 A Study of the Home %

It is through years of design experience, study and reflection that I’m able to create warm and inviting homes. I’ve learned to listen to my clients and understand their personalities and life experiences. And through this, I am able to create spaces and homes that suit them. For me the qualifier of a successful design is when my client feels comfortable at home alone or in the company of family and friends. It is here where we all can find pleasure.

So, take a moment and consider who you are before you start. Remembering your home is a
portrait of those within.

“Your home should be a reprieve from the stresses of the day. It should allow us to leave rejuvenated.” – Beverly Farrington Alm

Article written by Beverly Farrington Alm. Originally published in Cliff Notes



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