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Laura Frederick


Laura received her undergraduate degree from Radford University in Virginia and her graduate degree from Arizona State University.

From a young age, I was constantly rearranging the room I shared with my sister. This was my way of making my own space within our shared space.  I also spent hours scribbling on floor plans from my dad’s home construction business, and became enamored with how drawings can put order to living spaces. When I was 13, my mom introduced me to the field of interior design, and so the seed was planted.

What would you say are key components to quality design?

First and foremost, as a mom of three, function is key. A good design will always be functional for the client’s lifestyle. We all notice when a design doesn’t work. You bump into that table all the time, or the stairs aren’t the right height causing you to trip... Quality design will be seamless with our lives.
I also put a high premium on balance.  The balance of color and pattern, shape and scale, and even the flow and rhythm of a space can actually have a positive impact on wellness and set the tone for a home.

Where do you get your inspiration/ideas?

Mostly from listening carefully to my clients. It is my job as an interior designer to glean inspiration from clients’  lives and stories in order to help them create spaces that genuinely reflect who they are.

What’s your favorite paint color?

Sherwin Williams Tame Teal SW 6757 reminds me of the of my favorite places to be.

Finally, what can’t you live without?

A Tape Measure, and Coffee.